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RCIC Immigration Services are experts in assisting you to move to Canada seamlessly, with offices that serve clients around the world. Led by founder and manager RCIC Immigration consultant Zul Jiwa, we guide you through the immigration journey to your new home in Canada. Our innovative legal practice combines professional knowledge, personal attention and supportive design with the expertise to navigate complex Canadian  immigration rules and regulations to solve problems and remove obstacles before you get to the border.

We don't just know the law we also know our client's needs, concerns, hopes and dreams. If you are stuck in an airport half a world away or have an emergency, we are only a phone call away and we respond immediately, 24-7-365. We care about you, your family and your organization and we take the journey with you from visitor permit through to your citizenship ceremony. You are never alone in the immigration process. Whether our clients are moving for work, education or personal pursuits they are all seeking that experience service factor to ensure smooth sailing and confidence through the immigration process to Canada. We specialize in cross-border work permits study permits, temporary foreign worker applications, LMIA spousal sponsorship, Express Entry, permanent residence, green cards, citizenship and much more. Our attention to detail and client preparation makes the journey smoother.

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