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Wills & Estates 

There are many ways to leave a legacy - one can be a person of love, laughter, and life. A Will is not as important as these gifts. However, Will and Estate planning can take the edge off when the pain of losing someone is real and debilitating.

Being prepared is not as challenging as it might seem.

Services include, but not limited to:

Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, 

Living Will, All Wills & Estates.

Real Estate

Recording is the act of putting a real estate document into the official records. Usually, the types of documents that are recorded affect title to real property such as a deed, mortgage, easement, judgment, lien, foreclosure, or request for notice of default.

Services include, but not limited to:

Rental/Lease Agreement, Commercial Lease 

Agreement, Eviction Notice

Business & Financial Documents

Getting all the legal paperwork in place is difficult for businesses. We make it easy for you to request from an array of documents to be drafted for you and notarized by our in-house lawyers.

 Services include, but not limited to:

Business, Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, Confidentiality  and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contracts, Bill of Sale, Loan Agreement, Promissory Note


An affidavit is a formal written statement setting out the facts of your case. The affidavit acts as evidence or testemony. This is affirmed by our Commissioner of Oaths or in-house lawyers as a true record.

Services include, but not limited to: 

Letter of Intent, Release/Waiver Agreement, Invitation Letter, Sponsorship Letter, Travel Consent


These family documents and agreements are contracts that are voluntarily entered into between members of the family, our spouses in which they agree to resolve matters such as property division, debts, custody, and support when the discuss the terms of the topic at hand.

Services include, but not limited to: 

Separation Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement, Common Law Partner Agreement, Child Travel 

Consent, Child Medical Consent

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